User Interface Design


User interface design is the design of the interaction with computers, websites, appliances, mobile communication devices and software applications all with a focus on the user's experience during their interaction.

At LCAworks we focus on the communication of and interaction with environmental data. How people gather and communicate their data and the the impact this has on the environment and peoples lives:

1. Our Goal - Is to enable the easy and effective communication of varied and complex data to our clients.

2. Design - Visually striking, professional and easy to understand; maintaining simplicity whilst striving to be at the cutting edge of usability design.

The visualisation of data in this way is a very useful technique, as it enables our clients to understand the impacts of different scenarios within their decision making.  When choosing between the many options available it is easy to loose sight of the impact it may have. Good UI design helps decision-makers compare all major environmental impacts caused by products, processes and services through highly visual and interactive interfaces.  

At LCAworks we have extensive experience of using UI design within the LCA process.