Coca Cola

Sustainable drink bottles: LCAworks contributes to Coca-Cola win at the DuPont packaging awards

The Project: Through Imperial Consultants, LCAworks carried out a full life-cycle analysis of the product as a major part of Coca Cola’s development programme. 
Our work: The bottle is made by a process that turns sugar cane and molasses, a by-product of sugar production, into monoethylene glycol, a major component of PET plastic. The packaging is made of up to 30% plant-based material and can be recycled in the existing recycling infrastructure.Research from LCAworks has shown that the bottle has a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to petroleum-based PET plastic bottles. Coca-Cola North America have already begun to pilot this bottle in select markets. About the awards The DuPont packaging awards began in 1986 and since 1989 have recognised environmental achievements in the area of packaging