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Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Life Cycle Assessment of Hydrothermal Cracking technology for Bio-coal Technology Company

The Challenge: Carry out preliminary assessment of the GHG balance of a novel Hydrothermal Cracking (HTC) process for converting organic waste into Bio-Coal. 

Approach: The project is a £1.99m 3 year project supported by Newton Bhabha Fund Industrial Waste Challenge project, a collaboration of scientific research and business from India and the UK in order to create innovative solutions to global challenges. Focusing on India which is the world’s second largest producer and largest consumer of sugar. The work will then move forward into industrial deployment of the science and technology; realising direct economic benefits to the Indian sugar industry and wider societal benefits for the community. 

LCAworks: LCAworks is working closely with all partners to produce detailed environmental and social life cycle assessments to help the project achieve its ambitious environmental and social objectives.