HGCA Greenhouse Gas Calculator

Developed a web-based tool for the Home Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA) to allow detailed lifecycle assessment of UK produced biofuels.  The calculator is designed to allow farmers and ethanol suppliers to test how changes made in management practices or inputs could affect the overall GHG balance of the resulting ethanol production.  LCAworks is currently updating the calculator to take account of the results of a recent research project to assess the impacts of different end-uses of straw on the biofuel GHG balance, and for recent changes in the EU Renewable Energy Directive.  As part of the original GHG Calculator project, Dr Jeremy Woods co-authored the HGCA study: “Understanding and managing uncertainties to improve biofuel GHG emissions calculations”: The report reviews the nature and extent of uncertainties surrounding GHG emissions for biofuel feedstock production