Scoping Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprint of Microencapsulated Laundry Detergent Application

The Challenge: Carry out preliminary life cycle assessment and carbon footprint of a novel fabrication technology for smart capsules that possess customisable properties to suit the needs of a variety of industries. The project is funded from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s “Climate KIC”.

Approach: The funding has been used to support the development of data, methodologies and modelling tools, which will support Aqdot’s strategy of building low carbon performance into its business. LCAworks carried out a preliminary life cycle assessment of the processes involved.  LCAworks used proprietary LCA software “SIMApro” to model the Life Cycle Inventory and Impacts. 

Results: The project has taken a preliminary look at how to optimise and value the greenhouse gas (GHG) saving potential of Aqdot’s technology.  The project is still in progress