Prof Richard Murphy


is a Professor of Life Cycle Assessment and Head of Department at University of Surrey, and is also a Distinguished Research Fellow at Imperial College. He undertakes research in plant and fungal biology with special reference to sustainable biomaterials, bioenergy and biofuels. He has 20 years experience in using LCA to assess environmental and sustainability impacts of bio-based products including construction products, packaging systems, forest products, management systems and more recently, biofuels and bioenergy systems

Dr Jeremy Woods:

is a Reader on the Environmental Technology MSc and coordinates the Bioenergy module of the Sustainable Energy Futures MSc at Imperial College London. Recently, he has been working on the development of Integrated Sustainability Assessment tools for application to challenging value chains, including biomass energy and biofuels working with the UK’s Department for Energy and Climate Change and the Financial Times. Dr Woods has developed research interests into the interplay between development, land-use and the sustainable exploitation of renewable and non-renewable resources, in particular biomass energy. He coordinated a number of large EU-funded research projects and networks, has participated in two Royal Society working groups and acted as a panel member of its Leverhulme and DfID Africa Research Capacity Building programmes.

Sarah Woods:

is Managing Director of LCAworks. Sarah graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2003 with a Masters in Computer Related Design before working for industry research groups in Silicon Valley and London. Back in London Sarah was head of NCR’s design-orientated User Experience team, a multi-disciplinary research group whose work was funded by a consortium of multi-national banks and retailers aiming to exploit the potential of e-commerce and future technologies. Whilst there Sarah’s work explored the convergence of everyday objects, networks, and information appliances which led to the filing of many high-profile future technology patents. Sarah has also worked as a Senior Lecturer teaching across MA computer Arts and BA Digital Interactive media courses as well as working on interaction design projects to aid the communication of information with universities such as Surrey University and Imperial College.

Piers Cooper

is an LCAworks research analyst who completedhis MSc in Environmental technology from Imperial College’s Centre for Environmental Policyin 2018 and holds a BSc in Pharmacology from WITS University in Johannesburg, South Africa. HiS MSc thesis focussed on the scale-up of climate smart macadamia agroforestry in Malawi. The research explored how the utilisation of the agricultural residues, like macadamia shell, in combination with a domestic or industrial scale gasifier cookstove could offset current woodfuel consumption, while the carbon-rich charcoalby-product could sequester carbon as a biochar soil amendment or generate further revenue as a valuable activated carbon. Since joining LCAworks, Piers has been involved in projects relating to global traditional biomass demand, environmental, socioeconomic and techno-economic reviews of innovativeindustrial biotechnologies, and the feasability of agricultural waste as an energy alternative to traditional fuels.

Nicole Kalas:

is a Climate-KIC Doctoral Researcher at Imperial College London. She has extensive experience in environmental consulting, most recently whilst working at Stratus Consulting, an environmental consultancy providing innovation and excellence in environmental research and consulting, combined with a commitment to client service.

Onesmus Mwabonje:

is a Research Associate at Imperial College London’s Centre for Environmental Policy, previously working at North Energy Associates Ltd. Whilst working for North Energy, he gained experience as a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) practitioner in assessment of various feedstock for biomass and biofuels energy technology options. His work with North Energy also included conducting feasibility studies for renewable energy installations, in particular, wind turbines for various clients in the UK. Onesmus also has substantial international experience, managing projects for clients in the USA, Kenya and South America. He obtained his PhD in water and environmental health engineering from the University of Surrey, where his thesis focused on sustainable systems of wastewater treatment. Onesmus has a BSc in Chemistry from Jomo Kenyatta University, Kenya and an MSc in Environmental Strategy from University of Surrey. Onesmus has been an associate member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) since 2004.

Michael Gargaro

is a graduate in Environmental Geoscience from Durham University, followed by a master’s degree in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London, specializing in Environmental Economics and Policy. He completed his master’s thesis on ‘A comparative analysis of waste management technologies’, where he gained good knowledge of the energy from waste industry in the UK and the potential applications of waste products previously not seen to have economic benefit. The project aimed to complete a comparative MCDM analysis of waste disposal technologies for the UK’s MSW to achieve net-zero emissions in the waste sector by 2050, also assessing current policy on waste management in the UK.